I think only an idiot would believe that the censorship currently being pushed by on line services, in particular on social media platforms is anything other than a massive march to crush free speech and to side step the 1st amendment in the US. 

You only have to read the terms and conditions of any of the big social media sites to realise that free speech is dead. You see the governments (especially the meddling by the EU) forcing social media sites to 'remove offensive content' and threatening them with excessive fines is their way of asserting control over the internet. They pull the strings of the social networks at the whim of the main stream media (or old guard media), who are sick of people who are YouTube content creators releasing content or making videos that get hundreds or thousands of times more views than their pushed propaganda. This 'fake news' epidemic is simply way to control opinions they don't agree with.

Basically  they are having cops and lawyers chase down internet 'trolls' for offending some of the social justice warrior snow flakes, you know, because they got offended. This is of course taking the cops time and resources from the less important crimes they should be investigating, you know, rape, murder & child abuse. 

The scary thing about this is that before Trump got elected no one really cared about 'fake news' which of course does have some crack pots but in general is opinions that the governments or MSM doesn't agree with. Now this isn't all from the tin foil hat conspiracy theory brigade. In fact some genuine content is included, for example you can rip on and criticise any religion, except one, you know the one, the religion of peace. Speak about that in a negative manner and watch it be buried in search, demonetised on youtube of get you a ban on twitter. 

 So how do we fight this? Well here are some alternatives

  • Google search - Duckduckgo.com- It may not bring everything a Google search would but it will suffice for most peoples usage
  • Youtube - Bitchute.com - A peer to peer bit torrent based you tube alternative that allows you to automatically mirror your YouTube content.
  • Youtube - Vid.me - A YouTube alternative 'With a better community'. It has had some controversy recently, they unverified a user who tweeted Eli the computer guy, because Eli highlighted their flaws. They also recently imposed a 50GB total uploaded space limit. You can tip and subscribe to users (Patreon like) on this platform.
  • Facebook - Minds.com - Minds is a very quick, very clean interface alternative to Facebook. Its got encrypted chat and gives you bonus points for posting which can be used to promote your posts/videos across their platform.
  • Twitter - Gab.ai - The free speech social platform that has unfortunately gained so much press that the MSN has started to force them to censor and delete posts. There was apps for mobile devices but Apple won't allow them and Google recently banned them in the play store on android devices too.

And on the software side

  • Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Internet Explorer - Opera - Opera has been off the radar for some time but recently they purchased a VPN company and built that into their browser for free, they also included an ad block as standard. Its also far less resource hungry than Chrome
  • Adobe Photoshop - For most Gimp will suffice, I personally use pixlr.com as I find it far quicker for doing the thumbnails used on my channels.
  • Adobe Premier - Black Magic's DaVinci Resolve - The new version 14 of this software has reduced all the resources required across the board and sped up the software immensely. It has a free version that most of my most recent videos have been edited on even on my laptop.

The only way we can weather this storm is to fight back hitting them where it hurts.. their wallets. 

Do you have any sites I have missed? Or do you think I should do overviews of these sites, let me know on one of my social media platforms.

The Birth Of The Blog

This is my 2nd attempt at writing this, I had a really well written one that crashed when I clicked save and it didn't work! However, on with the show.

I seem to have dropped the ball recently, the website here at itsnippets.co.uk was not updated as frequently as it used to be, even posting my content here took a back seat to getting the content out. This was due to a few things, my day job that funds this hobby project has went thermo nuclear, meaning I'm struggling to find time to make the content and that the website update videos were not well received with poor view counts. 

Now as a niche channel I know my view counts are not going to be stratospheric but with most of my videos pulling in less than 10 views, I was becoming very disheartened. When I could squeeze in time to make content (and keep up with my 1 video a week schedule) I tried to make 2 or 3 videos, so that when I struggled I could upload one of those, some of my recent videos were written, filmed and edited nearer the beginning of the itsnippets site. 

Work was leaving me mentally drained as well as physically as I work night shift, with this said I enjoy making content. This website was about passing my knowledge on to others and allowing me to learn new things (video editing/content creation) as I felt I was not learning enough in my current job. With almost zero work life balance, my content creation hobby was in jeopardy, firstly the low views made me wander if I was really cut out to be a creator and secondly I was struggling to find the time.

To put the first to the test, I started posting my content on Youtube AND Bitchute.com and a few weeks later I realised that my content on bitchute was being views more than 10 times than the Youtube content. Curious, I opened up on Vid.me too and again seen the same results. So in spite of me researching better video editing and recording techniques, spending time to clean up my audio in post, it seems that the reason people were not watching was that I as simply being lost in the flood.

Interestingly while its not directly effected me, the Adpocalyps has been hard on content creators. While this may hit me in the future, at the moment It hasn't and i personally seen it as a way to weed out the click baiters from the content creators. I'm not fussed if some drama channels die out, or prank channels, or haul channels etc, these are full of manufacture drama, click bait BS or are just people with money flaunting it to feed their narcissism.  Perhaps my stance may change at a later date but for now, i'm ambivalent. 

So by this point, if you have not fallen asleep of clicked out of the site, you will have realised what I did, I'm probably just lost in the sea of content creators vying for everyones eyes. I stumbled across a tweet from Eli The Computer Guy on twitter, where he advised how to get items to review on Youtube free, this wasn't just the usual generic BS spat out by 'Youtube Specialists'. I tweeted him a thank you then proceeded to peruse his site www.failednormal.com. He has a article which Explains that he has left Youtube and the decision/numbers behind it. <Link>

So I decided to tweet him about his article asking what his advise would be to noob creators. And he tweeted back

Now, Eli is pretty social on twitter, but as this question could have been turned by him as a IT specialist into his own tutorial on the subject, but he took the time to give me some pointers.

As I already had this website, all be in in a neglected state, and already embedded my videos here, the main 2 points I was missing was the blog and the SEO (or SEO generated from the blog).

Now blogging was something I considered way back when this site was first put up (there has always been a category for blog posts), but my own disdain for vlogs and blogs made me decide to leave it be. Now, the main reason I dislike the format is there is so much poor vlog and blog content out there (This article is a prime example :P) that showcase nothing and just waste bandwidth (I don't care you cycled to work, nor that you ate at Wendy's...) but after perusing Eli's site which is itself a blog. I resigned that I was definitely missing out. 

So this is the first blog post, how frequently the are posted again depends on when I can fit them in. I'll start by fitting them in when i can and hope to move to at least a once a week post. Eventually as I get used to writing these and they become easier to write, take Eli's advice and increase that amount.

So for now, Thank you for reading, and go check out Eli at www.failednormal.com or tweet either of us over on twitter @itsnippetscouk & @elicomputerguy.


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