Website Update - The Road To Bankruptcy... Starting A Youtube Channel - Part 2

By this point i'm about crying. Putting hours of work into videos, rejecting some (sound issues due to the mic always being moved in front of me when needed n disconnected when not). I decide to drop more money. £15 on a mic boom arm and £15 on a pop filter.

Unfortunately this was the beginning of a struggle that I'd never manage to get away from trying to find the balance between the mic being out of shot for when i'm on webcam, and being far enough away to pick me up but not too much background noise. Many hours were spent tweaking my gain and volume, to hear me loud enough but not too much background noise. I'd prefer clean audio I didn't have to clean up in post. But this was to no avail. I end up researching and deciding to add a noise filter to my OBS setup, and eventually a noise gate (this was only removed when I moved to XLR as it sometimes worked perfectly n other times cut off some of my words of didnt 'turn on' in time).

During these experiments I also found out rather that use a capture card for recording the desktops (Mac and PC) I could have used OBS's screen capture. again saving myself some money. By this point it was approaching xmas, and I had managed to keep a weekly schedule for some time, all be it that my videos were now being released midweek rather than on the weekends like I planned. I also got a Logitech c930 webcam to replace the crud Bush one I had. (Yay more money spent...£120)

Over the next 4 months I continue my battle with my audio, I start pushing my content out to bitchute too and finding that its was watched by 10x more people there than on Youtube. I also tried daily motion and vimeo but abandoned them quickly. I continued to research editing, audio enhancement, marketing, etc. I started being more active on twitter, posting behind the scenes photos on Instagram and generally marketing my channel. By April of 2017 my hosting fees were due again,  and my keyboard died. So I purchased a cheap mechanical keyboard (£20) and also realised that I wanted to do non screen capture based videos so purchased a Sony camera. It was the cheapest 1080p HD camera at £100. So Camera + keyboard + hosting feels + webcam £340 and i've still not made a shiny cent from you tube. None of my videos are really getting any traction. I did one on removing windows 10 telemetry that picked up a little and around May I updated to the creator update and did one on removing the telemetry from that. Initially the views started slowly but those videos (especially the creator update one) brought in a lot of views. To date, the creator update video has almost half my lifetime channel views. The most annoying thing is that with over 1000 views, almost NONE of them were monetized. So I guess the people who are worried about their privacy don't whitelist content creators that help them maintain it in their ad block!

I'd started to get noticed, unfortunate not the good kind of noticed, it was the bad kind.. Bots!. As you have also probably realised by this point, the idea of a zero budget channel was also out the window as I have spent around £1000 on the channel by now. This would climb higher as I needed backups for my videos, a USB hub, a 2nd splitter and a new switch. That's before I started buying products to review and do setup videos on (amazon fire tv stick, Galaxy gear 360' camera, smart devices)....but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

 So as ITSnippets approaches and passes its first year with a video released weekly I'm feeling the burn of putting a lot of work and a lot of money into something that just looks like a loss maker. I'm at a point where i'm trying to justify each purchase between this might do well and this is throwing good money after bad.

What does the future hold? Well at the moment I'm staying put, I enjoy editing videos but while I can afford to keep it running as it is, i'm time poor so putting time and money into it at this point makes me question how long I can continue.

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