I've seen a slew of new content creators that have tried what can best be referred to as the spray and pray approach to content creation. By that I mean they are heavily pushing their Ad Sense on Youtube, their donations on minds, their support on paypal and their patreon page while releasing content that tried to cover every gene and niche possible.  

Now there is nothing wrong with not keeping your eggs in one basket. In fact, its one of the reason I advocate for users to use other services such as bitchute, vemeo etc as well as YouTube but to continue promoting one as their main channel. However when your sitting with a handful of subs like I am with mostly family members and friends as subscribers, at this new channel/small channel level there is little to no incentive for users to pay you for your content.

Lets be clear here, I'm not taking any higher ground here or attacking those that do regarding it, but to me, you build your user base and let word of mouth and the content you create to speak for itself. Content is king and thats the bottom line. Blasting a different gene of video every day may work for some larger creators, but channels need focus.

I can understand this approach as It's very difficult in today's YouTube to make money as a new creator, the algorithm decides so much and there is no clear indicator of what makes a profitable video. To highlight this we can take a look at some of the numbers on my YouTube analytics, Basically my 'lifetime views' are dominated by 3 or 4 videos, one of them has over 1000 views yet has made me around 1c in revenue, but I have another that was intended to be part of my HTPC (Home Theatre PC) that has made me around $1... The difference? It has less than 300 views. So it has 1/3rd of the views but has made over 100x the ad revenue. 

I'm sure some of you who have reached this point are like "But ITSnippets.. you have a Amazon Affiliate page". This is true, but the way I see that is that if someone buys something from Amazon after following one of our links, even if its not the item linked then I may get a kickback, the difference is that It doesn't cost the user any more, so they are not out of pocket and yet still supporting the channel. At this point I've had several clicks but none of the sales made me any revenue. 

There are some YouTubers that the adpocalypse has devastated and since some of them cater to the lowers common denominator with poor quality content (pranks, drama...) I have no sympathy for them, others like Computing Forever deserve your support. 

As a YouTube viewer as well as a channel owner, there are some things that even big content creators do that make me click off their video in seconds. These include (but not limited to)

  • Begging for likes at the beginning of the video (especially "Smash that like button")
    • No let me see your content and I'll decide if you deserve the like
  • Follow me On Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Minds/Gab... 
    • While I agree on following your content creators on all their platforms.. I don't need told to find you on XYZ.. If I want to find you I will
  • Buy my Ebook, i'll show you the secrets of XXX... 
    • If your ebook was that good you would be on tour promoting it, these secrets are snake oil, you are guessing and using videos to push it
  • Help support this channel by changing your bookmark to our affiliate XYZ
    • Again no, If I feel the need to support your channel I'll come back to use your affiliate link, I'm aware of where it is and don't need to change my bookmark to it. When I am about to use the service your affiliated to. Unless your reviewing the item and saying you can find a link below to buy this, I don't care.
  • Subscribe to me on Patreon and help support my channel
    • Again this is for larger creators, but some of the things i've seen people do on this for a small monthly fee (including full frontal nudity) is insane. I'll perhaps sign up to your Patreon if your content is compelling enough that I'd pay for it. However with Patreon's treatment of Sargon of Akkad at vid con I would be reluctant to give a creator money when I'd be funding the bullying of creators by proxy.

Content creators do deserve your support but when they beg for it (more so at the beginning of their video) then to me it becomes a chore. Some content creators point out at the end of their video, when you have had a chance to decipher the quality of their content (I do this),  a popular example is Rob Van Dyke and this is how it should be. Showcase our content not your greed.

Support your content creators as best you can, if they have monetized videos, queue them up in a play list, stick it on random and repeat and go to bed/work, if not look for their affiliate program, find it and use it, the benefits to you of not bookmarking a single content creators affiliate link means you can use multiple creators book marks and support multiple creators you love.

If you want to throw them a few bucks on Patreon then go for it, but don't buy into the bleeding heart begging and if your a new creator, don't spray and pray. Start your channel for fun, or as I did to learn something new, if your content it good enough people will come, slowly at first then increase over time. The old addage build it and they will come is true on YouTube. I've seen more subs in the last 6 months than the first 6.

Keep up the good work, keep supporting the creators you enjoy and have fun!

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