VidMe Isn't The Content Creators Savior...But Bitchute Might Be

I publish my content on several platforms, YouTube obviously, Bitchute and finally Vidme.

Now I have tried alternative places, Vimeo was a non started as I don't like the idea that I'm paying someone to make money off my content when I'm not, equally I was very unimperssed by DailyMotion.

Those that follow me on social media (or more so on Twitter for now) will know I am quite active in the vidme community. They will also know that I promote Bitchute and regularly have a joke and tease with the admin staff there via their official Twitter account.

The problem is that everyone is blinded (or at least a lof of the butt hurt content creators coming over form YouTube are) by the 'Great community' over on Vidme and wax lyrically about how it will slay the YouTube beast, but they are clearly looking at it through rose tinted glasses which seem to cover up the reality that while there are great content creators over there the admins are making idiotic decisions that will (or in my eyes have already) sank the platform. 

Most recently it was the 50gb limit that is being imposed on the content creators. As someone who has recently got into not just 4k video editing but also 4k 360 degree video editing this limit quickly becomes laughable.

This unfortunately may be a by product of their early success. With the likes of Dave Cullen at Computing Forever advocating for them as the YouTube killer, they have seen an explosion in their numbers, especially since the AdPocalypse in may and the more recently AdPocalypse rounds 2 and 3. But thats just the tip of the iceberg, the cracks have already started and unless delt with quickly will grow to become canyons.

Before the 50gb limit there was the Kentantino incident> A member of the Vidme community removed Kentantino's verification because he tweeted Eli the computer guy (something I do regularly on and odd) because Eli did a series of videos pointing out the cracks in the "Disney Magical kingdom" PR machine Vidme was spouting.

Lets get something clear and this may get my account unverified. Eli made some very good points. He showed instances where iJustine (a content creator I don't actually follow) being refereed too in the comments section of vidme's website as a iWhore amongst other things.

People are really championing for it becasue of the tipping system.

Not everything on Vidme is bad, for the most part the community is descent and I have far more interactions there than I do on YouTube and they are far more pleasant to deal with. Some people have made more from the tipping system in Vidme that hey have from YouTube in a much shorted time. The points above, the censorship of both the reddit forum (the official one) and their own platform of critical comments they are just as egotistical as YouTube in their harsh punishments, they just don't have a algorithm to blame.

And That beings me to Bitchute

The Bitchute team have been fantastic with me, even when i have been critical of them, sarcastic to them or down right P'd off to the, their twitter account has been quick to respond, but it with hokes, sarcasm or assistance.

Their setup is simple, Log on, create an account, link it to your YouTube channel and wait. Within minutes the Bitchute robot scanned, analyzed and mirrored my YouTube channel.

users can subscribe to your channel or commetn on your videos like they can on other platforms but what makes Bitchute my choice right now aside the ease of use I just mentioned is that it is based on bittorrent.

Yes, you read that correctly. The bit in Bitchute is for BIttorrent. Your video is created as a torrent and streamed as a torrent. No centralized servers, no waiting ages for it to process, no upload limits at least that I'm aware of at the time of writing) all shorn up in a cross browser, cross platform language knows as WebRTC.

Now before people claim I'm not being objective, this isn't a apples to apples comparison, I'll point out the major flaw with content creators on Bitchute just now is there is no way to monitize your content. This is unlike YouTube and unlike Vidme.

However I believe that this is coming and that the Bitchute team have assured me so, they are also going o add end to end encryption to their service.

Once monitization is enabled on the Bitchute platform, especially if its ad based like YouTube with vendor ads being shown before/during/after a video, the the versatility of it being torrent based will of course prevail.

 The Bitchute team are looking at patreon style tiers for their monitization and video overlays with the possibility of tipping too.

So far in less than a year Bitchute has stormed its way into the content creation platform market and has done sow without the censorship, negativity to its competitors, it has done so without the bells and whistles and by being exactly what it was setup to do at tis inception to be a free speech alternative to YouTube that was torrent based.

Do you think i'm right about Bitchute or do you think that Vidme is better or perhaps even that Google will backdown and it's censorship via demonitization on YouTube will end. Let me know in the comments.

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