Welcome to IT Snippets.

Here you will find IT tutorials and general tech information that will be useful to everyone from the new PC user to the seasoned system administrator.

This site will gradually be built up of quick lessons on such things as cleaning your browser cache, setting up a static IP, checking your OS version (32/64 bit), virtualisation, cross platform administration (Mac/PC/Linux) and tech projects like Raspberry Pi NAS.

The site doesn't look like much now, but thats sort of by design as improving and updating the site itself will be part of the ongoing tutorials placed here.

As our audience builds we will expand out offerings to perhaps more adventurous multi part projects like building your own home router, or a custom DIY NAS and any associated unboxings.

We now have a amazon.co.uk affiliate account, check our Equipment Checklist if you shop on Amazon and want to help fund projects for this website.

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Feel free to email us suggestions (suggestions@itsnippets.co.uk) and if you like any of our videos, please share and comment.